Piano Player Systems

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The installed PianoDisc system (Model PDS 228 CFX includes a CD and a Floppy drive) Piano music can be heard on 3.5 Floppy Disk and Cd's with PianoDisc systems. PianoDisc Acoustic floppy disks and acoustic Cd's play acoustic piano music only PianoDisc Symphony floppy disks and Orchestrated Cd's play acoustic piano music with background music. (an amplified speaker must be attached to hear background music or PianoDisc system can be connected to a home stereo system)

As PianoDisc system music heals, soothes and teaches it adds wonderful versatility to your piano. Your piano can play with a jazz trio, with an orchestra, or accompanies vocalists like Tony Bennett, without taking away any of the piano's acoustic properties or interfering in any way with playing the instrument in a tradition way. The system is operated by remote control (line of sight) or directly with the control panel mounted under the front of the piano.

The system can be connected to existing stereo speakers in your home or we install one or two speakers under the piano. The MSRP for the basic system plus one speaker on a grand piano is $6,500; plus $417 for the second speaker.

Other options include the Symphony sound card module (MSRP $1,400). Symphony is designed for players and allows more control of the tempos, transposing to another key, and adding one or more of the 128 voices within the system to the keyboard as the piano is played plus other features.

Other options include the standard MX module (pre-recorded library of 430 songs 32 MB) MSRP $1,400 or MX Platinum (pre-recorded library of 569 songs 64 MB) MSRP $1,800. Any of these items can be added later without moving the instrument from your home.

If you have the Symphony sound module you can also add a TFT MIDI record strip (MSRP $1,400). This is useful for teaching situations or where you want to increase your skill by playing back your own practice.

With the Symphony sound module another option is called "Quiet time". With this option the player uses head phones and plays the piano in a normal manner but the hammers do not hit the strings; the acoustic piano sounds are produced digitally and can only be heard via the headphones. The Quiet time mute rail is (MSRP $450 + Headphones $55).

PianoCD system is made by the same company (installed MSRP $5,500 w/one speaker + $417 for the second speaker) The system only has the CD drive and does not offer the upgrading options of the CFX 228 system. PianoCD is adequate if one just wants to let a Cd play the acoustic piano (which would include accompaniment & vocals) with formatted Cd's or it will drive regular music Cd's.

The PianoDisc system is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of sixty (60) months from the date of original purchase. For a period of one year from the date of original purchase, labor costs are included in this warranty.

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